Hair High ★★★★★

2nd Bill Plympton (after Your Face)

Now this was a whole lot of fun, a wild and horny spoof of many a 50s teen film. Think of Grease as if directed by Chuck Jones and you're close to this, but it has something of a hand-drawn artisan quality that I found quite endearing. Plympton seems to work very happily in this uniquely independent niche, and the fan engagement to his projects is very enjoyable to watch. A brief hour and fifteen minutes, it tells of a love triangle between Spud, Rod and Cherri; Spud, the new kid, is forced to be Cherri's slave, only for the two of them to fall madly in love. Rod is enraged and decides to take revenge. But this brief summary is really rather superfluous, considering the enjoyment here is derived from the absurd gags that Plympton is able to come up with and the strange characters he devises. Zip in particular is a perverse figure, a masochistic creep who dies from drinking too much horse aphrodisiac, yet his antics are repulsively hilarious in their absurdity. I love the way that Plympton is able to create a joke and then devise a topper to make it even more wild; Spud's arrival at the school being a great example of this.

The music is a great pastiche of doo-wop songs and a couple are real toe-tappers, especially the song that plays over the credits. The cast is also amazing and WEIRD, including voices as varied as Ed Begley, Jr. and Sarah Silverman, though the highlight is Beverly D'Angelo as over-sexed cheerleader Darlene, complete with aggressively wiggling bust. I really can't praise this film enough, it completely fit my weird sense of humour and love of an absurd gag. And happily, I've got copies of a couple other Plympton films to see, very soon...

Plympton in Order:
1. Hair High
2. Your Face

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