Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★½

Kong: Skull Island is a tonally out of whack movie; an overly cartoonish sci fi action adventure mixed with a self seriousness towards its lame attempts at some sort of Vietnam war allegory, and its look at how mankind treats Mother Nature. We follow around a bunch of—well, an overstuffing of—one dimensional bland characters without any development or personality, while they make awful jokes, make dumb decisions, make good decisions no one listens to, blurt out a shit tonne of exposition, or be absolute dicks for the sake of it. Every actor is wasted in these roles. They all dive into the depths of a story that could’ve been engaging in it‘s island containment of sci fi adventure, but instead is disengaging due to the audience following around these problematic characters, as well as having the plot be too clumsy and unexciting in its progression. 

The action is lacklustre, it didn’t really do much for me due to my disengagement overall. There’s no level of excitement or horror when it comes to these action sequences, it’s directed without much flair and the progression of the narrative leading to these action scenes are just as unexciting. The CG is pretty decent, but the movie is riddled with poorly noticeable green screen. The needle drops are irritating and random as well. 

The creature designs are cool, and are implemented really well into the surroundings of their environments. But that’s about all the positives I have with this... Also, Kong and him saving his home, obviously.