Aliens ★★

Aliens gives off a completely different vibe to its predecessor. Alien is a horror sci fi flick, whereas Aliens is an action sci fi flick. Depending on which realm of genre you prefer, you’ll like one more than the other, which is why I find myself more attracted to the original. However, what I didn’t realise was, how Aliens ruins what made the original so special. 

It ruins the intrigue, mystery, and horror with its outdated 80’s action sensibilities; dodgy visual effects, stupid stereotypical action movie characters, cringe Hollywood action banter, overly cheesy one liners, loud overdone explosive gunfire action, and melodramatic attempts at making you care when it’s never earned. With what the movies premise holds on offer for the audience, the film is a little drawn out, and has boring stale development on its hands, never delivering upon much excitement. Sure, the action is well shot, capturing moments of action in fun ways, but there’s nothing else to it. 

Sigourney Weaver is dope.