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  • Robot Carnival

    Robot Carnival

    For the most part this is a showcase of animation talent by people who are only good at drawing, with quality storytelling taking a distant backseat; but there's one short in particular I guarantee is better than anything produced by Netflix in a recent and coincidentally analogous series by people with the same strengths and weaknesses.

    It's called Strange Tale of Meiji Machine: The Chapter of the Red-Haired People's Invasion. It's by the guy who directed the Golden Boy OVA…

  • Fyre



    Disneyland is a perfect model of all the entangled orders of simulacra. It is first of all a play of illusions and phantasms: the Pirates, the Frontier, the Future World, etc. This imaginary world is supposed to ensure the success of the operation. But what attracts the crowds the most is without a doubt the social microcosm, the religious, miniaturized pleasure of real America, of its constraints and joys. One parks outside and stands in…

  • Marketa Lazarová

    Marketa Lazarová

    Andrei Rublev was subjectively unreviewable on first watch, but Marketa Lazarová is only unratable. There's nothing much to say here other than "Buhhh, but I prefer the Tark," for several reasons. Both films have an epic historical scope, but Lazarová's concerns are relegated to sociology where Rublev's were metaphysical. That's to say: this is about the movements of people and cultures where Tarkovsky captured the movements of celestial bodies. For that reason, three hours of Rublev are not felt because…