Does for flaming homosexuality what Dead Leaves did for recursive jailbreak fairytales, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann did for coital cave allegories, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt did for striptease angelology, Kill la Kill did for uterine midriff vengeance and Trigger's last decent output, Space Patrol Luluco, did for a maiden's pure heart.

That's not to say Promare is as good, or at least as inspired as any of them. The character designs are a bit bland compared to those featured in Imaishi's prior work and Nakashima's patent post-TTGL refusal to give a single flying fuck about handling stakes, juggling tones or deploying twists is as egregiously and frustratingly inspirational as ever. His sole strength is pacing.

It's pretty okay. Doesn't do much to prevent Trigger's rapid downward spiral towards the domain of storebrand anime studios, but is at least further evidence anything baring their logo but not directed by Imaishi should be flatly ignored.

Feeling a 6.66 but my eyes glazed over so hard near the end around the eleventh exposition dump that I felt kind of bereft upon egress and a bit tempted to give it something meaner. Consider the absence of stars an enthusiastic endorsement.

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