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  • Extinction Party

    Extinction Party


    You're the gift.

  • Marnie


    Trauma, I guess along with empathy, has become a bit of a sacred cow in film discourse over the last decade or so and probably longer. This isn't an issue in itself because empathy is sacred and comes naturally from adept storytelling, and so many horrific events: like Thomas Hardy witnessing a public execution, or Lynch's encounter with an ostensible rape victim, or Nobuhiko Obayashi's hometown being obliterated, or Miyazaki's childhood flight to the countryside with his sick mother, or…

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  • Nineteen Eighty-Four

    Nineteen Eighty-Four


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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Small brain: Directing a self-insert movie about chasing your deathly blonde feminine ideal around San Francisco.

    Big brain: Directing a self-insert movie about directing the self-insert movie about the women you love and your projections upon them.

    Expanding brain: Directing a series of self-insert movies about your own neurosis where you play the protagonist, always shipping yourself with attractive women.

    Galaxy brain: Directing a self-insert movie where your character is a genius playwright who must construct a to-scale Borgesian replica…