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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    Why did I even rate this four stars before... this is a five star masterpiece! My favorite Tarantino entry, but it still might be Basterds on my next rewatch.

    Everything is just perfect. The opening immediately hooks you, and if you weren’t, the next scenes with Vernita Green are sure to hook you! The next fifty minutes are entertaining enough, but what truly elevates this to a masterpiece is that forty minute ending at the House of Blue Leaves. No…

  • WandaVision



    I loved so many things in this show, so I perhaps won’t be able to say everything. 

    The weekly releases were something, the fan theories and hype were wild on Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t seen that kind of theorizing and hype since Game of Thrones. That aside, WandaVision fed us enough to compensate for the lack of MCU content in the past year. 

    I always felt the MCU tended to go for style over substance, save for a few…

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  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    I am absolutely surprised that this was in my watchlist! I watched this because there was a tweet of the shots of this film compared to shots of Black Swan on Twitter. Perfect Blue’s cinematography was mysteriously beautiful when viewed without context, and appropriately creepy when viewed with context. 

    My god! What a beautiful piece of cinema, it’s a masterful film that just happened to be animated and Japanese. Beautiful film, just beautiful. The use of transitions as a storytelling…

  • Cabaret



    There are just some films which you will leave so blown away you are at a loss for words. Cabaret is one example. Liza Minnelli is on fire, and her singing Cabaret was such a showstopper albeit a depressing one at that. Truly phenomenal.

    I am happy this did not win Best Picture though, the hate would be greater than Shakespeare in Love’s! Eh, Cabaret and The Godfather are both masterpieces though.