Promare ★★★½

This was pure insanity. I shouldn't expect anymore from Imaishi since I didn't know it was him who directed this but took me less than a second to notice when the film started.

Honestly this was a tad long but it was an absolutely insane ride that at times you struggle to keep up with but you have to admire the animation and the creativity when it comes to action that this has.

I could talk about all the flaws it has such as the very contrived plot, some weak and poorly motivated characters, weird plot threads that are left, the poor dialogue at times and so on but honestly I'm glad content like this gets made. The film didn't take itself very seriously which was very much a necessity given how over the top it was. There really isn't anything else from 2019 that's even close to this insane.

I don't know if this is for everyone but man if you enjoyed his previous work this should be a treat!