Moxie ★★½

i personally enjoyed it but it did have its problems
- why was what moxie is never explained
- i like the fact they showed the burnt out mother and the newly radicalized daughter, that was kinda cool
- they pass so much off as just misogyny when it’s straight up racism
- i loved the diversity (especially loved seeing josie acting!!) but i do agree w other reviews that it fell flat, especially when all that time focused on vivian could’ve been used to show more issues
- i wish they updated us if josie’s character got the part
- i wish we got to see the consequences and kiara getting the reward and/or  change at the school instead of that weird dance scene at the end???
- one thing i feel indifferent abt moxie is it did the same thing oitnb did, they framed it around a white woman but really made the movie about problems that marginzalized women face. lucy was the real main character but they used vivian’s face just so white people would watch it. this frame work was best shown in the fact claudia called lucy out on being privileged. i think that nowadays you don’t need to do that as much as you still kinda needed that in the early 2010s and lucy definitely shouldve been the lead. 
- i do wish they showed more bands (i was expecting the HELL out of a song from the regrettes) like rebel girl was starting to annoy me
- the entire cast is gorgeous as hell