Tenet ★★★★

Like nearly all Nolan films, I underestimated this on first watch. I was too hung up on understanding the logistics of the film and not enjoying it for what it is: a hilarious B-movie romp filtered through an incredibly technically audacious lens.

This is the first Nolan (other than maybe the Dark Knight Rises) where he really lets his hairdown. Have Aaron Taylor-Johnson show up wearing a beret? Why not? Have the Protagonist talk an insane amount of shit to the villain he needs to form a business relationship with? Of course.

Some folks call this movie cold, but a film that takes such joy in its images and re-contextualizing their meaning has a big heart. It's a movie about the joys of being alive. And at the end a dead guy realizes he has his whole life ahead of him, including a glorious friendship with Robert Pattinson.

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