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  • Unhinged



    This was good but but there is a 2020. Dutch film in the same vein which I think was far superior. Tailgate (Bumpkleef)

  • Broil



    A bit of a mess. The killer for higher characters story was far more fascinating than the family "dark secret". Well shot but not very satisfying overall.

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  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    As a huge horror fan & vetran fright fester I look forward to a new recommendations that floated under my horror radar (don't know how!? Zombeavers didn't!)

    2016 had already proved a triumph for horror for me with The Green Room, Under the Shadow, The invitation, Train to Busan & now The Wailing!

    The Wailing is one of the more unique horror films of late and like the above mentioned, it pretty much avoids all of the normal clichés I have come…

  • Hosts


    The idea was there, the production values were high and at times the acting seemed really great and other times bad. I think this boils down to it being badly written.