Tenet ★★½

All that discourse for a film that's just kinda eh.

Tenet is no doubt a filmmaking marvel. The direction, the cinematography and the visuals are all pretty incredible and worth the experience on the biggest screen you can get.

It's a shame then that the narrative is so messy. Nolan explores some interesting ideas here but it's dragged down by those ideas as it offers clunky dialogue that tries it's damn best to convince that all this is actually "so deep bro". Another problem with the dialogue is just how little you hear of it. Nolan has always had an issue with sound design but christ it really shows here. With Dunkirk, the dialogue was minimal but in Tenet, dialogue is everything when it comes to understand the sheer ambition of the story.

This is a film that tries everything in it's power to not let you sink into the story despite also expecting to be fully on board at the same time. The dialogue is ridden with exposition that lacks an emotional core to get involved with. Robert Pattinson & John David Washington try their best to bring life into their characters but instead they're just stuck constantly explaining the "gimmick" of the film.

And there lies Tenet's major problem. The core piece of the film with the inverse/backwards sequences while certainly impressive just feel like distractions to the problems that the film has. The positives of the film all feel like mere distractions so you don't think too much about how messy & disjointed the story is.

Did I like Tenet? At times I thought it was great. There's no doubt a lot to love here but there's also major problems that are impossible to ignore. No doubt this is gonna be loved by Nolan fans (Reddit) and I hope people love it but yeah I think I'm gonna mark this down as a disappointment. A big disappointment at that.

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