Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

The first time I gave it 4-stars. I later bumped it to 4.5-stars. Upon further review: 5-stars.

Sure, it’s not perfect. It has story elements that can be picked apart and it’s not difficult to see the general outline of where it’s heading...but dammit it’s such a blast!

The stellar cast carried it all. Deeply flawed but undeniably charismatic characters across the board. Obviously Ana de Armas (I’ll ‘simp’ for her at the drop of a hat. Or ‘stan’? Idk. I love her, that’s what I’m getting at), Daniel Craig, and Chris Evans being the standout performers. The set design, cinematography, and directing all came together to really bring the house to life as its own character as well. The humor was well implemented, with jokes landing without overdoing it, thereby allowing the emotional scenes to have weight. It’s endlessly rewatchable with fun things to pick up on each time, and perfect to watch in a group setting. I’m glad Rian Johnson proved himself after Last Jedi.

(Also, the shot that switches from dolly to handheld amidst the chaos post will reading is amazing and film snobs calling it cheap can—as Ransom would say—“eat shit.”)

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