Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel ★★½

Hazbin Hotel is kind of tragic in a way. Bountiful amounts of effort devoted toward delivering a 30 minute, well-animated pilot for a show that, not only will likely never get made*, but is unfortunately not very good either...

As many have said before me, much of the humor is devoted towards sex, drugs, and saying fuck, and yeah, I have to agree. What kills it for me is that you're expected to laugh at someone just saying "Fuck" or "My drugs!". It's not impossible to have shows about bad people be funny or to have raunchy humor that lands, here however I think they really missed the mark.

From an artists perspective I find that most of the character designs suffer from being so noisy that it's difficult to parse whether or not they actually say anything about the character, most notably the Radio Demon. Hell sometimes just looks like a rather typical Las Vegas-esque sleazefest but there are quite a few genuinely nice environments scattered about. (While his presence is pretty unnecessary I do enjoy the scale pattern on the walls in Sir Pentious' giant robot, that's just fun detailing)

The concept itself is actually pretty novel but I can't help but doubt that they'd utilize it to it's fullest.

One thing that must be said is, as deeply flawed as this pilot and it's creator is, the production quality and the fact that it was finished is something to be admired, given the track record of the internet

*EDIT: So to my surprise as of a few months ago Hazbin Hotel has, in-fact, been picked up as a proper show. Now where it may go under the supervision of tv networks, that's to be discovered. But I've also decided I wanted to update this review because I found that
1. A lot of my writing sounded way too snooty and I would like it to be more reflective of my thoughts now as my feelings about this short have admittedly softened.

Final Note: The 3D model car shot is still quite easily the funniest moment in this. You'll know it when you see it.