Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

the past dictates the future.

i’ll try to keep this brief because i believe this is a phenomenal piece of art that everyone should experience and interpret for themselves, possibly lynch’s magnum opus. however i do want to say two things:

1. even though this is vastly different from the original tv series, it doesn’t feel at all like it’s simply picking off where its predecessor left off. a large part of what makes the return so compelling is that it doesn’t waste any time filling in the blanks, but in some abstract way beyond my understanding it acknowledges that there are some blanks there. it’s not just a reboot of a classic show you love. every episode and every line of dialogue serves as a reminder that 25 years have gone by since you last saw these characters, and had the show been continuing over those 25 years i’m pretty sure this is the direction it would’ve ended up going in anyway. 

2. david lynch uses his budget exceptionally well in this. while most filmmakers let money guide the art they make, lynch prioritizes the art and uses money to bolster it. even when a studio cuts him what’s basically a blank check, you can tell his expenses are made with the intention of enhancing his craft and his story (which almost excuses the asinine product placement).

i’m so sad this is over.

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