A Good American

A Good American ★★★★½

In the aftermath of 9/11, many questions were raised as to how the US intelligence agencies could have missed the signs of an imminent attack on home soil. According to this documentary, not only did we have all the pieces (which has been admitted before), we also had the technological tools to connect the dots before it was too late. But hubris, greed, and embarrassment-avoidance by the NSA led to the metadata-tracking program ThinThread being relegated to a side-project, then shut down, then adopted but stripped of all privacy protection measures (which is how we got to the Snowden revelation of the US spying on its own citizens). I thought "(T)error" was as damning a portrayal of a government agency (FBI) you could get, until I saw this film, which tears the NSA a new asshole so large that four jet airliners could fly though it. My only complaint is that certain technical portions are deliberately and frustratingly vague, but I found this to be infuriatingly captivating.