Candyman ★★★★

so while very pretty and striking and tonally sound, this was leaning on the “gentrification bad, you know what gentrification is, it’s bad, it’s bad gentrification” spoon-feeding just a little hard and I was worried it was going to take that lazy bullshit Disney Corporate Woke™️-grade angle of hoping that we’re so instantly reactive to any of the sociological precursors of racism and poverty, without actually doing the work of showing why those things are endemic or why those things drastically effect people’s lives or why it’s bad that police kill a truly shocking amount of unarmed black men, etc etc. 

that feeling slowly drained away towards the last act, which started around the time they got back into the urban-legend-as-metaphor-as-set-piece shit, followed up by one of the best last sixty seconds in a horror movie I’ve ever fucking seen. one full star for that last minute of this movie. honestly, I didn’t think for sure it would come together so well, but that last minute — it’s a fucking doozy of a gut-punch and a very literal reminder of what gave the first Candyman such gravitas, beyond the memorable over-the-top Glass score. 

so, going in, it seems at times like it’s one of those sub-par post-Get Out blackness-itself-as-deuteragonist kind of flicks, but it turns it all around eventually. phew

four out of five sweets for the sweet!

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