Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

post my first viewing of promising young woman, i have read many tweets (most from people who have yet to see the film) criticizing promising young woman as problematic, triggering, and a film that no survivors of sexual assault have enjoyed nor liked.

problematic? sure. the plot contains many eyebrow-raising plot-points, as most rape-revenge genre films do. triggering? not for me personally, but i can understand why some people may find the film emotionally straining to watch. a film which survivors cannot enjoy? yeahh no, since, i connected with the film a lot.

maybe something is wrong with me, but i find carey mulligan's performance as cassie to be somewhat comforting. yes, her methods are fueled by rage and grief, and sure she could do with a fair amount of therapy, but i admire that she's chosen to funnel her trauma into something greater than herself. her actions work to attempt to ensure no girl ever experiences what nina endured. she copes by demanding justice.

spoilers. the ending, yes, is not my favorite. but it's as realistic as a rape-revenge genre ending can be, and still manages to be victorious. i like to think it speaks on women being able to amend for injustices even in their demise, even when they're powerless. maybe that's an optismtic way to look at such a blunt ending... but as cassie's ultimate revenge is delivered while angel of the morning soars, and she, i'm sure, is reunited with her lifelong best friend in whatever heaven girls like her get, i can't help but smile.

EDIT: i would like to say that the movie was marketed horribly wrong. about twenty minutes into my first viewing i realized this was not going to be the “carey mulligan murdering predators for ninety minutes” movie i thought i was in for. i think i enjoyed this more than a lot of people because i just decided to ignore the trailers post that point. however!! i do understand the disappointment in not getting what was advertised!! :/

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