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  • Soul



    Pixar made a movie about the meaning of life, and it's full-body-chills beautiful. This is arguably the most abstract film in the studio's 25 year catalogue, but god how it speaks so sensitively and powerfully about something as vast as the purpose of our presence on earth. The whole film looks and feels rich and accomplished, but there's a jazz sequence towards the end of this that genuinely made my jaw drop. The framing of it felt so alive. Loved it.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Vital viewing for men everywhere. A film about the spectres of sexual violence and the patriarchy's simultaneous demand for dominance and fear of culpability.

    What Emerald Fennell shows here is the reality of how overwhelmingly triggering sexual violence is, while also showing that those who haven't directly witnessed it – or been a victim of it – have a tendency to shy away from the subject; bury it in an effort to erase it. By doing this, and wrapping this…