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This review may contain spoilers.

Score: 83%

A really masterful film. David Fincher is such a great director. I haven't seen any of his 4 highest rated films on Letterboxd, yet still from what I've seen from him he's one of the best modern directors working. The camerawork is very kinetic and interesting throughout, and the film creates a really great atmosphere that kept me engaged despite the slower pacing. Michael Douglas is great as the lead, and whilst the supporting performances are all solid, it really is his film. Despite his character not being particularly rootable, at least towards the beginning, I still kind of wanted him to work out what was going on. Whilst it does get a bit too far fetched at a few moments, it's still tense and exciting throughout.

I've seen a few people complain about the ending, but I honestly really like it, mostly because I think that he's still in the game. I think that what happened to him was so unpredictable and depended on so many out of control factors that there's no way it could have all been a prank, at least in my opinion. So I think he's probably still in the game, and that this is their way of messing with him once again. Anyways, this is a great film, not the best mystery film in the world but a great one nonetheless.

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