Love and Monsters ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Score: 74%

A sweet, funny and overall enjoyable film. This is kind of a cross between Zombieland and a Young Adult adaptation, and it succeeds at taking the best parts of this combination (with the exception of the Zombieland gore) and making them work well together. Dylan O'Brien is really good as the lead, and Clyde and Minnow bring some fun comedy to the middle portion of the film. The visual effects are surprisingly great, and the exposition towards the beginning never felt tiresome or overwhelming, instead hooking me in to this world really well. It never got too heavy handed or emotional, which I appreciated, but when it did it did it really well. I also appreciated the dodging of lots of genre clichés, such as how the two leads don't get together at the end. The script also had lots of smart callbacks which I enjoyed, and the direction was all around solid. Where some issues arise are in the third act, which brings in a generic villain and a somewhat rushed epilogue. I also didn't like the 'protagonists split before the finale' cliche they shoved in there for no reason, and the film does get a bit too silly at times, at least for my tastes. Overall though, it's a fun action adventure romp, and I would recommend it.

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