They Live Inside Us

They Live Inside Us ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

"Seeking inspiration for a new writing project, a man spends Halloween night in a notoriously haunted house. He soon realizes he is living in his own horror story."

I'm a huge fan of The Witching Season, the short-lived, amateur five-episode anthology series that first became popular online through YouTube and other sites before regaining more cult status. Writer/director Michael Ballif's expansion of the fourth story of the same name remains pretty faithful to the original story with a couple of minor alterations and extended sequences to pad out the runtime. The end result: it's sort of a mediocre, predictable, and plodding attempt.
The film's awesome poster really is appropriate because the movies greatest strength is that it oozes tremendous Halloween atmosphere. I love the Halloween aesthetic and applaud Michael Ballif for being such a huge fan of the holiday, always finding ways to incorporate it in his works. As a self-professed fan of The Witching Season, I love the multiple references and calling cards to the show. Other fans will recognize instantly what I mean.
The reliance on practical effects is most welcoming and they all look great when utilized. The musical score is fantastic. And the cinematography is surprisingly gorgeous & crisp.
Now the big ish: the plot of the original episode this is based on is recreated save those few alterations I mentioned tic for tac; this makes it extremely predictable and the extra filler material doesn't help make this a full-length feature. The acting isn't terrible, but there are many times where everyone apart of our limited cast slips with their individual deliverance. I hated the ending and wasn't the biggest fan of it when it was shown in the original episode. And I just wish there was more to work with here.
If you're a Halloween hound, give this a go. Honestly, if I hadn't already seen the segment in The Witching Season I might of bumped this up to three stars, but since I did and it's so mundane to me, it's down to this rating. Regardless, I hope Michael Ballif makes more original Halloween horror movies!
Oh, The Slumber Party Massacre film series jab with the fictional Drill Massacre 4 movie on the television was great!

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