Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Far from perfect but all the hype is definitely earned, particularly the ending.

Most of the film is very solid and most of the stylistic choices do work. I was surprised at the way Emerald Fennell’s commentary on rape culture and how it is enabled was delivered through the protagonist’s arc of pain, anger, and refusal to move on. Instead of being fiery, triggering, no-holds-barred as some reactions would have you believe, it’s a more empathetic but no less furious exploration of the topic at hand. This way it gets the audience on her side, which helps get the messages across effectively. And as per usual, Carey Mulligan is fucking brilliant.

I do have to admit I was slightly distracted throughout from trying to figure out what was gonna happen in the ending due to all the buzz. Needless to say, I did NOT see that coming. I wish I could talk about it here but I know it is best to preserve it for all those who haven’t seen it. It’s shocking, unpredictable, and just a perfect way to end this film. You will go through a LOT in a very short span of time. Reminded me of Get Out honestly - I’ll explain that in a future spoiler-filled review.

Anyways, good film! Go see this film at least once just for that ending.

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