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  • From the Land of the Moon

    From the Land of the Moon


    From the Land of the Moon. Nicole Garcia & Stephen Kijak. 🌑🌕

    From the Land of the Moon deals with passion and deep seated imagination. It is another showcase for the brilliant Marion Cotillard. Beautifully filmed and rich in fine acting, this is a quiet film that seeps into one’s psyche as we feel the vagaries of the tenuously intact mind. 

    Marion’s character is forced into a marriage with Spanish farm worker who they think will make a respectable woman of…

  • Duelle



    Duelle. Une quarantine. 1976. Directed by Jacques Rivette. 🇫🇷 🔥🐉

    Supremely marvellous. This is an experimental fantasy drama by Jacques Rivette that is filled with beauty, elegance, and intelligence. Juliete Berto (Queen of the Night) and Bulle Oviedo as Queen of the Sun are battling over a mysterious diamond that will allow them to stay on earth (in Paris).

    I love the choreographed, operatic feel (I kept expecting them to burst into Mozart). The clothes are divine and the strange…

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  • Eating Raoul

    Eating Raoul


    Eating Raoul. 1982. Paul Bartel.

    A witty and multi-layered dark-comedy-slasher-film satirizing capitalism, larking on materialism, and equally farcing sexual adventurism and prudery. Eating Raoul is very funny, the laughs coming from a basic plot for a greater meaning. The final shot is almost surprising in how obvious the storyline ends, making its resolution meaningful and original in how literal and non-deviating it does its narrative arc.

    Viewed on HBOMax for nostalgia.

    Mary Woronov is so sexy and all those wardrobe changes. Yes!

  • Pretty Baby

    Pretty Baby


    Pretty Baby. 1978. Directed by Louis Malle.

    Its depiction still raises questions about what we pertain as natural and as exploitative, even if there can be no doubt that it clearly describes an environment that contains love in spite of its unruly existence. Polly Platt and Louis Malle’s story is truly daring and admirable because it truly depicts what life in a 1917 New Orleans bordello.

    This film is based on truth and sometimes it is not “pretty.” Nevertheless, Pretty…

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  • Solaris



    Solaris. 1972. Andrei Tarkovsky. 

    Maybe the only flawed Tarkovsky film, yet so divinely mystical throughout that the ultimate taste is one of awe and wonder. As a thesis on the 'Decline of the West' (Occidental instrumental reason) it is alarmingly relevant but also can be easily contested. Yet, its ample Bergmanesque moments (e.g. the midget as the inverse of scientific will-to-power) establish a cinematic program of the spiritual and the maternal.

    Donatas Banionis as the main character and his wardrobe…

  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    One Night in Miami. 2020. Directed by Regina King.

    More than a little uneven - the initial shots of the room where it's set don't impress, the boxing matches shown are blandly shot, and the editing is questionable throughout. But two sequences really shine: Sam Cooke's Boston a capella performance, and Malcolm's invitation to Muhammad Ali to join his new group separate from the Nation of Islam. Very masculine first feature for King.

    The strongest suit of this film is…