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  • Singin' in the Rain
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • Call Me by Your Name

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  • Diana: The Musical


  • Rocketman


  • Trainspotting


  • Stir Crazy


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  • mother!



    I'd heard so much about this and expected a lot from it, but maybe I expected too little? I can completely understand how mother! has become of the most divisive films in recent memory; it exists in this sort of nightmarish realm of cinema I didn't know quite existed, and it causes such a visceral reaction that it's simply impossible to put into words if it is a good experience or a bad one. There's millions of theories about what…

  • Cats



    By now, you're probably aware that Cats has had a reception not dissimilar to Harold Shipman at a nursing home Christmas party. Seemingly doomed from the start, Cats has went from a perturbing trailer to a career-ending car crash from which no one will recover. 1.5 star average? Yikes.

    And technically? A horrific film. The obfuscating cinematography and embarrassing visual effects come together to create a grimy, frightening orgasm of feline moans and dank, dark London streets that calls to…

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  • Diana: The Musical

    Diana: The Musical


    Jeanna De Waal is genuinely quite impressive in this, even bordering on phenomenal (even if she looks absolutely nothing like the real-life Lady Di), but it's the piss-poor material that lets her and her talented ensemble down; this is a complete and utter catastrophe of Cats-esque proportions from the very beginning to when Diana walks into the light (not a joke) and it finally, mercifully finishes. Ludicrous, overlong, bewilderingly unfunny and downright offensive (the section where Diana galvanises a gaggle…

  • Trainspotting



    Perhaps downright blasphemous that it's taken me two decades to see this legendary cornerstone of traumatic Scottish cinema as a born and raised Scot, but this lived up to expectations - and more. Bloody brilliant acting, writing, cinematography; the grimiest and most nightmarish comedy you could ever dream up.

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  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    I adore the medium of film. The fact that anything can happen, in any place, any time period, excites me in a way nothing else can. Of course, there's the stinkers of the movie world, but for every unfortunate event playing out on screen, there's two or three prodigious ones. However, the film world may be dandy and fresh, but there's one thing that has always got on my nerves.

    Whenever a child star portrays a lead character in a…

  • The Princess and the Frog

    The Princess and the Frog


    Underrated. Underrated. Underrated.