Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Let's start with what people will be seeing this for... the robberies. The action in this movie is solid and there is some creative stuff being done. Sadly the last one has a lot of voice over exposition that could have been left out or at least trimmed, but mostly it's good. Nobody will ever say Guy Richie can't shoot crime.
The characters drag it down a bit. Statham plays the same character I've seen him play in every movie; I went in expecting this so I'm not holding it against the film. The other characters all seem to be made deliberately unlikeable. Everyone comes across like jocks whipping each other with towels in a locker room, which is appropriately where we see almost all of them for the first time, but none of it is clever. One of the criminals has a wife who looks just like Statham's helper, and even now that it's over and I've checked IMDb I'm still only 90% sure they aren't the same person. The movie jumps back and forth in time a fair bit and that really didn't help sort them out. Lastly, I'm still not exactly sure who Andy Garcia is supposed to be or what his deal is.
Still... guns go bang. Worth a watch.

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