Michael has written 6 reviews for films during 2020.

  • Mahjong



    The economy of desires in a mutable city. Trying to sell a story, an emotion, a person, anything to have a feeling of permanence.

    Incredibly heartfelt, a very active film, could have watched several more hours of the characters simply moving about the city.

  • Images



    Strange how unsettling it is to simply see those in front of us who should not be

    Carried by York

  • The Grand Bizarre

    The Grand Bizarre


    A hymn to objects
    Those long gone objects
    A hymn to information
    That antiquated information

  • Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter


    The train platform, an intermediary between two paths in one's life, existing outside of time. Shrouded by the pillows of smoke and shriek of whistle.

    The bags under Celia Johnson's eyes will stay with me.

  • Sleepwalk



    Some surprisingly intense shots of decay shown in the latter half, given the lackadaisical feel in the first half. The shot of them on the couch post kidnapping..her frivolous roommate admitting her mistake and Suzanne Fletcher (whose face held my attention the whole film) sitting there then leaving without a word. It added a sense of somberness and reality to the film. The whole surreal narrative of the film from the first half gets dropped and were left with just…

  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    captures the feeling of isolation more than anything i've encountered before. loss of connection with objects, god in your own mind, an ego out of bounds.