Dune ★★★★½

I have to be honest, I went into this as somewhat of a Dune-sceptic. I like most people who saw it, had no love for the David Lynch 1984 version. I have never read the book and as far as unpopular film opinions go, mine is an absolute doozy; I haven't really loved any of Denis Villeneuve's films up until this point.

However Dune is, I'm really pleased to say, a spectacular must be seen at the Cinema, film. I am confident that it is the film that fans of the book have been waiting decades to see. It is epic in both scale and ambition and rarely puts a foot wrong.

Coming back to Denis Villeneuve, it isn't that I have disliked any of his films, but I have never really been caught up on the wave of enthusiasm that has followed him, I wasn't the biggest Blade Runner 2049 fan but I am always thrilled to see how much that film means to other people. What we have here is an artist of a filmmaker. What I noticed whilst watching Dune is that, similar to Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg and even Martin Scorsese, everything has been meticulously planned out, every speck of dust on screen is there for a reason. We are talking Award level visuals and sound design here.

The sound in particular is bombastic and surely something that the majority of us can't replicate at home. Hans Zimmer's score out booms all his previous works and is a constant companion to the sweeping feast of breathtaking vistas. I haven't felt so much sensory overload in a Cinema since Interstellar, I was completely swept up in the World.

The film doesn't quite hit 5 stars due to a rather flat final 20 minutes, but I am well aware that the films final act is designed with one eye firmly on Part 2, which explains the slight drop in pace.

Mr Villeneuve has been quite vocal about the Cinematic experience, bemoaning the possibility that films like Dune may well have launched on a streaming service. I'm not here to discuss the pros and cons of either, but if there was ever a public debate about the worth and power of Cinema then he could do a lot worth than submit this under evidence as Exhibit A. It needs to be seen as big as possible, it needs to be seen with an exquisite sound system, it needs to be experienced.

Did Dune make me want to go back and rewatch and reevaluate Mr Villeneuve's work? Maybe, but for now, I will just bask in the brilliance of what I witnessed. Dune is masterful and should be seen by everyone as big as possible.

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