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  • Dazed and Confused

    Dazed and Confused


    Makes me feel like i’ve wasted my highschool years. Wish parties were still like this nowadays. Just wanna smoke a joint now and forget about life. Would recommend.

  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    I hate to say it but I really enjoyed this movie. The car chase scenes were absolutely awesome. Could do without so many feet shots tho, looking at you t@r@nt*no. Anyways awesome movie overall, would recommend.

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  • Fargo



    Great movie, very funny. Pays very good attention to details. This movie was absolutely great, would recommend.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Movie is absolutely amazing. Sets up cast with actors we feel comfortable with cause we see them as loving/funny characters (Bo Burnham, Adam Brody, Christopher Mintz-Plasse,etc.) and tears down the expectations we have for them. Shows the way sexual assault is dealt with in society and the dark sides people play in every situation. Acting was AMAZING and has a very interesting storyline. Draws you to the screen. Very good movie, would recommend.