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  • Videodrome


    Criterion recently posted VIDEODROME on there, so I gave it a re-watch last night. This film is one of a kind. It will always go down in history as one of the most epic, or noteworthy pieces of Sci-fi work in history. In my opinion, at least. I think it's everything you would want, and nothing like you would expect.

    A scummy president of the TV channel, CIVIC TV. Max Renn, played by James Woods is desperately searching for the…

  • Reform School Girls

    Reform School Girls

    Babes running around in 1980's lingerie, fighting and wrecking havoc in a reform school. Lots of TNT, wonderfully, scandalous. One thing I love about a girl gang/group/badass female orientated films like this, is the attention to detail in wardrobe. Some super fun choices in this one. Even though most of the girls wore the bare minimum.

    Wendy O. Williams plays one of the girls that is also at the school. Though, she becomes the henchmen of Edna's, played by Pat…