Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey ★★★★½

I do this thing sometimes where I take pictures of corners. Arrangements of blank walls and ceiling and beams that I find odd or interesting, framed in such a way as to remove context and turn them into planes and lines flattened into very slightly different shades by whatever light source is around. I do this partly because I find the images pleasing, and partly to annoy a few friends who I send them to.

This isn't that, but it puts me in the same headspace. Akerman's images always resonate with me very strongly, which always makes me extra frustrated with myself for getting drowsy during them, which seems to happen every time I see one of her films. I don't know if it's a physiological response to films that are always a little somnambulistic in tone, or if I'm just coincidentally always tired when I watch them, but either way it's frustrating as hell, because I connect with her work in a pretty powerful way.

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