A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

I tried to watch this once before a few years ago but gave up after 20 minutes or so. The beginning is just miserably boring, and structurally confused as it tries to balance killing off every character from the last movie while also introducing the ones who will replace them. It's a bad idea that is executed very poorly and over far too long a span.

If you can make it to what is basically a super-delayed inciting incident when the final hand-off from Kristen to Alice happens though, things pick up significantly after that. I almost wonder if Lynch saw this during development for Twin Peaks, because certain images in the middle portion of this are eerily similar to (better) images from that. (I'm doubtful, but I admit it does get some bonus points for the association anyway).

This occasionally almost poignant middle third is followed by a final half hour that rips just about as hard as any other entry in the series, with some gnarly effects from Screaming Mad George and John Carl Buechler. Too bad about that abysmal first third though. Maybe if screenwriter Brian Helgeland had gotten more than the single week he was reportedly given to write this it could have been a whole good movie instead of half of one.

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