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  • Generation Wealth

    Generation Wealth


    on the one hand, i had hoped this doc would examine the more permeable, omnipresent aspects of ungovernable wealth on a more thoroughly analytic level... on the other hand, that’s never what Lauren has found fascinating (see e.g., Queen of Versailles). she’s just as adept at exploring personal relevancy, which i have zero problems with, and she’s adept at delving into herself and her family. Royce way,  she is far more interested in the depth of excess her subjects find…

  • The Ninth Gate

    The Ninth Gate


    i know i saw this movie at age 14-15, but what i do not recall whatsoever was that Polanski made a shittier satanic rendition of Eyes Wide Shut the same year EWS was released. close as he may ever get to justice.

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  • Sinister



    despite yet another whiff of an ending (it’s hard to end horror movies, folks) and all the nitpicky stuff i could elaborate on extensively, Sinister’s mystery dissection/exposition via the 8mm found footage is easily one of the most distinct, effectively horrific uses of the technique. i don’t get paid to doctor scripts, so i’ll never know how i’d likely have patched the leaks i felt viscerally in Cargill’s 3rd Act, but it’s safe to say if they’d have stuck the…

  • Tusk



    it might be because i watched this stone cold sober, but I’m having second thoughts on weed legalization, and i never thought Kevin Smith of all people would be the one to make me reconsider that