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  • Climax
  • Funny Games
  • But I'm a Cheerleader
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  • Labyrinth

  • Pan's Labyrinth


  • The Company of Wolves


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  • Labyrinth


    jim henson really said let's combine all the antisemitic tropes in one character when creating hoggle...

    labyrinth is so bad y'all...if it weren't for jim henson's puppetry and david bowie (and his bulge) and a load of nostalgia, i don't think so many people would consider it a classic. 

    it is so obvious that both terry jones (who wrote the screenplay) and jim henson have mostly created television and sketch formats before working on this. the writing is so episodic,…

  • The Company of Wolves

    The Company of Wolves


    every frame is beautiful and haunted, perfectly lit. the colours, the symbolism, the language, the sets. angela landsbury's facial expressions crack me up. i couldn't watch some of the wolf transformations bc they're so graphic and intense. loved this. women wear red lipstick and men's mouths are blood stained. milk turns a decapitated wolf human. magic realism really is magic.

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  • Hollywood



    ryan murphy loves to force us spend too much time on a boring white cis dude then give the queer & black side characters nothing to do and call it diversity.

  • Love Meetings

    Love Meetings


    silence is guilt and shame. pasolini captures it so well, every uncomfortable smile, every unanswered question, says just as much as any eloquent statement he filmed.

    i love that in a film about love we never see an act of physical intimacy until the end. hollywood-type happy ending with a wedding that becomes tragic through pasolini's voice over and the confessions of failed marriages we've heard before.