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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    The Royal Casino is one of the best Bond movies because it captures how global politics actually works. Money washes around the world and people who are clued in find it trivially easy to get rich. But because it's so easy, they get bored of that and start getting involved in schemes to manage the managers. So there is this layer within the rich that includes secret agencies and criminal hierarchies which mostly seems to fight each other and could…

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  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    Takes all the basic elements of a spy action movie and raises it to a new level just by doing them well and throwing in a few genuinely exciting scenes. Lots of fun casting choices besides the perfect Tom Cruise. Jon Voight even half-jogs a bit at one point. I'm rewatching all of these because so far 3 million people have died of the novel coronavirus and I need light things to keep positive.

  • Nobody



    A John Wick parody in the vein of Keanu (2016), but not as funny. The action feels creepy and brutal, like Bob Odenkirk is supposed to be a vicious Joker type character, although it keeps veering back into being about family or whatever. Except for one brutal fight most of the action scenes proceed quickly against dozens of hopeless goons. Odenkirk is fun to watch though and it felt good to be in a theater again.

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  • La Chinoise

    La Chinoise


    A lot of sugar to help the medicine of Marxism-Leninism go down. Yes, the kids are isolated buffoons, up in the clouds of revolutionary theory and a little too excited to kill people. But what's so good about the normie world? A bunch of bombs being dropped on Vietnam and stuffy old people holding meetings about criminal compromises. The kids know things can't go on like this and their confusion is ours.

  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist

    The first real film of the Trump era: A snide bigoted joke between rich friends.