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This review may contain spoilers.

The most horrific thing about "Possession" isn't the slug-like, man-eating sex monster which slowly evolves into Sam Neill 2.0. No, the true horror lies in the demented intensity of estranged husband and wife Mark (Neill) and Anna (Isabelle Adjani). The tone is so shrill and feverish with resentment and anger that it makes Dostoevsky look like Jane Austen. Adjani is fully unhinged and undoubtedly the acting highlight, and as for Sam Neill, did he ever look this rattled again? Added to that, Anna's German lover appears to be acting mostly through the medium of modern dance!
Strange that this should have been banned in the UK as a Video Nasty as there's not that much outright horror in it; and yet it manages, mostly through the unflaggingly frenzied pitch of the actors, to unnerve the viewer as few if any conventional horror films ever have done.