• We Need to Do Something

    We Need to Do Something


    Watched at virtual Tribeca.
    Real life is the most horrifying thing of all.
    I love films that showcase humanity as the ultimate form of terror, and that is what this film does best! This film blends family drama with horror masterfully, leaving us wondering, what is truly the source of this family's destruction?

  • The Novice

    The Novice


    Watched at virtual Tribeca!
    A horror film in its own way, gorgeously explores pushing yourself to your limit, to your absolute breaking point, to fill a void, to feel something, to feel... anything. Isabelle Fuhrman delivers and powerhouse performance. You can feel and see the desperation, the hollowness inside of her, trying to prove her worth to herself. Visually stunning, brutal, raw, real, honest, incredible.

  • Shapeless



    Watched at virtual Tribeca!
    What a unique film about having and eating disorder (with a slightly supernatural twist!) Shows the realities of the illness perfectly and visually displays feelings of insecurity, body dysmorphic disorder and being consumed by your illness beautifully! This is truly a film from the heart of the director and it shows!

  • Spontaneous



    I have a crush on Charlie Plummer. I just gotta say it.

    I really loved seeing these two characters bond in a time of fear and uncertainty. I thought this premise was really original and creative and it made me feel a lot of things. I loved seeing a super real and relatable portrayal of grief and depression and how you cope in times of intense emotion.

  • Beginning



    The opening scene and the ending scene deserve 5 stars all on their own. From the first moment I was entranced. I was completely immersed in this film from start to finish. My eyes growing comfortable and calm, transfixed on an image that seems to last a lifetime, only to be pulled away into another beautiful, transfixing image to rest my eyes upon.
    I gasped, I felt calm, I felt fear, I felt horror, I felt wonder, I felt so much while watching this film. Such an interesting, beautiful study of faith and human nature.

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    Feels so real. The performances are incredible (especially from Aubrey Plaza) all of the emotions feel so raw and honest. Doesn't even feel like watching a film, just a small slice of reality and I love it. Such an interesting and truthful portrait of relationships. Bonus points for the bear!

  • Blood Below the Skin

    Blood Below the Skin


    I LOVE that acapella cover of Bigmouth Strikes Again!

  • A Million Miles Away

    A Million Miles Away


    A wonderful observation of being a teenage girl and a beautiful connection between younger and older generations of females.

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    One of my favorite ending sequences of all time.

  • Ammonite



    Absolutely beautiful. Slow burn, quiet, gentle moments of life. Pain, grief, love, passion, all shown beautifully without words.
    I have to say, I enjoyed this even more than Portrait Of A Lady On Fire.