• Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    On dealing with trauma by demolishing the handcuffs of reality through confronting the betrayal of bodies. There is no clean matching of metaphors, no precision in the messiness of humans breaking down. Sometimes we blame bodies & chemical reactions for our bad behaviour. Sometimes our bodies really do betray us, given out or becoming abnormal. How do we cope with that? What narratives do we tell ourselves to overcome the trauma of being detached or othered? What dark paths, shorn of…

  • Dolores Claiborne

    Dolores Claiborne

    I won't rate this film with that arbitrary star system that barely has any meaning other than to create a graph & remind me what I may have thought of a film. I don't feellike slapping the people involved who have genuine talent, as I have seen women hit so many times in the two films I have watched today. I won't rate an adaptation for not fucking (entirely) up the creations of one of the most talented writers America has…

  • Birthday Girl

    Birthday Girl

    They couldn't hire actual Russians, but they could have real abusers of women as a distributor.
    Perhaps it's a meta-commentary on the relationship between England & France?
    Perhaps those themes will be teased out when the son of Madonna & Guy Ritchie remakes this in 15 years.

    I stopped doing yoga to read the subtitles & that is just one of many regrets & pains this film inflamed in me.

  • Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job

    Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job


    *quietly sings Heaven For Everyone by Queen to himself in the warm afterglow of introducing more people to Klaus' Erster Arbeitstag*

  • Dreadnaught



    The martial arts of cultural capital & material conditions.
    A work of art. A transnational smorgasboard of cultural exchange that does for genre what Jackson Pollack did for form; blowing everything apart in layered precision, as various entertainment & traditions overlap & intrude, splatter & slide into & across each other. The ultimate of spooky action entangling Asian & Italian lineages - as much a martial arts film as it is slapstick setting the stage for splatstick as a giallo spaghetti western. Elements transformed while honouring…

  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    Previously on Sick Sad World!
    Next up on Sick Sad World!
    Forever & ever, in every way, beneath the tidal wave of Modernity.
    One Lutheran's nightmare is another Pentacostal's dream.

    It is such a gift to now be able to better explore Romero & Hooper's early works. They make for the most fascinating bedfellows of that great wave of mid-20th century American sociologists of everyday hope & despair. Their comfort in fusing metaphor and reality is comparable to the masters of the Czech New Wave. The masters of meat severed from screaming souls; Born & Dead in the USA.


  • Private Property

    Private Property


    Another film from that devine era wherein Hollywood style & meat-grinder reality start to collide. Discordance. Creeps, creepers, their noise & their silence. Creatures crawling out of the ocean to find all the fluids they can. Bring a towel.

  • Filth



    One day I might watch this film & it won't be the middle of the night & I won't be quite shitfaced.

  • Goon



    Sam Peckinpah's Slap Shot.

    Michael's review goes above & beyond what I would be able to say about this film. I feel like I'd need to go back to university & get another degree to defend it, so save my another near decade & read this.
    Though I may have to rewatch & contemplate after digging further into the many awesome Jewish philosophers, especially Levinas & his writings on ethics & a good life. Doug is here to serve.

    It made a delightful double of Schreiber…

  • Spring Forward

    Spring Forward


    I rewatched this on the DVD I bought my Dad many birthdays ago. I watched it on the 6th anniversary of the day cancer finished devouring him.
    It's one of those old flippable widescreen or pan and scan discs, & the sound mix is not great, but who knows if we'll ever get better. It's as unknown as my Dad was, except to those who had the pleasure & they'll never forget. For myself, it is a piece of many pasts: of…

  • Deliverance



    America created a whole sub-genre of rape/revenge films from this, but they hate women so much & don't give a fuck about the environment, so they made every one of the rip-offs about raping women & pretending this is some high school Lord of the Flies parable.
    What a chicken shit country.

    Is it worse to be devoured from within, or from without?

  • Murphy's War

    Murphy's War


    Boy's Own Apocalypse Now & The Sorcerer Prick.
    Right, wrong, fuck it.

    A film like this feela like a little alice of magic now. Heavy, monstrous machines pulled back and forth by men who cannot control anything, while Slocombe's camera gazes on from a not-too-far distance.
    Tossed up going atraight into a rewatch of Hell in the Pacific, but I reckon a higher level of maddening idiocy is required next. Deliverance, that which war rarely offers to those who cannot let go.