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  • Entrapment



    possibly the only movie where someone base jumps in an evening gown

    a perfectly acceptable heist movie with some incredibly improbable conceits. helped along by a strong Will Patton "corporate bad guy" performance and the general charm of Connery and Zeta-Jones.

    either too long or not quite long enough - 115 min is one of my least favorite runtimes. Had this been 150 minutes we might have gotten into more backstory or just more deeply into their relationship. at 90 min we could have just skipped everything but the core plot. both would be better.

  • The Truth About Cats & Dogs

    The Truth About Cats & Dogs


    Sadly mostly gutless. Ultimately trite and requires mind boggling logical leaps. According to Garofalo, 20th Century Fox's involvement fucked this all up. Was originally much more of an indie comedy.

    Does at least feature some Mr. Show cameos.

    Really disliked the totally mismatched Howard Shore score. Not one of his best.

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    Complete horseshit. Meta textual wankery that's defies rating. Did I like it? Not really. Loved 90 minutes of the acting. Would I ever watch it again? Definitely not. Doesn't sink to the level of MOTHER! which I despised.

    Felt like the filmed version of a Ionesco play or one of those indie point and click adventure games you'd back on kickstarter and forget about.

  • Doctor X

    Doctor X


    Visually wild. Curtiz's style whips ass. Tons of great imagery. The story itself is kinda blah for me but goddamn this thing looks great.

    TCM Film Fest 2021