• Deep Cover

    Deep Cover

    Watched this again after many many years and it is even greater than I remembered. I have not enjoyed watching a film like this for too long. Absolutely top of the game performances, directing and cinematography. No need to retell the plot, if you haven't seen it you should, and if you have, watch it again!

  • Black Water

    Black Water

    Third time watching. Three times a charm. A sweet, sweet charm of slow-burn nail-biting tension. Believable acting by realistic characters helps you get sucked into the story. A story about crocodiles being nightmare fuel. Crocs are terrifying. Absolutely pants pooping teethy fear-inducing murder machines. I cannot recommend watching this film enough.

  • Personal Space Invader 2

    Personal Space Invader 2

    This is hands down (paws down?) the greatest sequel to Personal Space Invader ever made.

  • Verotika


    People claim that there are some reasons to enjoy this film.
    They are mistaken and I hate them.
    There are faults and flaws that can be found in all genres of all films and personal preference will dictate how much you will or won't enjoy them.
    This fucking movie had not one piece of anything I could even halfway call enjoyment.
    It made me hate myself for wasting my time and life viewing it.