The Strangers ★★★½

I am glad this film's middle part drags and stumbles otherwise I don't think I could have taken it.

The poster sums up everything I find horrific in this film. See, there is one thing that scares me and that is having no control over what is happening to you. Here the Hitchcock approach of showing the danger and keeping the protagonists unaware of it made me squirm in my seat for most of the first act. Being scared by something is always a personal thing, and let's just say I did not feel at ease in my own home while watching it.

I'm glad that the quality of the film dropped in the second act when the plot takes the more convenient and predictable turns. Finding relief in a filmmaker's mistakes is a weird experience.

The final act is good and satisfyingly disturbing. I always feel bitter when a film manages to portray evil without any other goal than to just be evil. And that, aided by the great masks they wear, made for some of the creepiest monsters I've seen in quite some time.

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