The Nest

The Nest ★★★★★

Spent quite a while wondering why I kept wanting to call this Kubrickian when there are so many elements that are un-Kubrickian (structure, performance style, some photographic elements for starters). I thought perhaps certain compositions or the lacerating view of humanity, but in the end I think it's the patience. This is a film about people who think they can control forces larger tham themselves - a corporation, a horse, the neighborhood delinquents, a parents' collapsing marriage - and are decisively proven wrong. But their gradual undoings unravel in a gentle cascade, offset by Durkin's brilliant flirtation with the supernatural without ever committing to it. I keep coming back to THE SHINING: dissolves, long follow shots, an unreliable patriarch, the move to a new location to execute a plan that's paper-thin. And it's a lovely party, isn't it?

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