Piranha 3D

Piranha 3D ★★★½

god bless alexandre aja. the man brings us such joy with his nasty little pictures like High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes and Crawl. for me personally, Piranha 3D is right up there with those fun pieces of gory shlock. it's a raunchy, hilarious and entertaining creature feature. jerry o'connell steals the fucking show as a dickhead porno director who is making a girls-gone-wild type of production during a big spring break party. the cast is pretty stacked for a such a trashy b-movie too, you got: elizabeth shue, adam scott, ving rhames, christopher lloyd, paul scheer and richard dreyfuss (for an obvious jaws homage). some very familiar faces from pornhub appear in this baby too like Ashlynn Brooke, Gianna Michaels and Riley Steele. respect to aja for giving them adult film starlets a chance of appearing in a big hollywood picture! Piranha 3D is hella enjoyable and will scratch the itch of any gore whore out there, reel this puppy in asap!


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