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  • Kajillionaire



    Can someone page Dr. Jonice Webb, because Kajillionaire is one of the best, most overt stories about the effects of childhood emotional neglect I've ever seen!
    Complex, touching and heartbreaking, but also darkly funny. Jenkins and Winger are brilliantly manipulative and cruel. Rodriguez is an absolute delight and a light! Wood knocks it out of the park completely.

  • Unhinged



    The first ten minutes are borderline unwatchable, then Russell Crowe shows up in MRA Buddy Garrity drag to torture a teen Mom with road rage and it's all smashy smashy cars and entertaining af!

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  • Little Italy

    Little Italy


    Hoooooooooooooo boy.

    1. Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen are supposed to be the same age, yet he looks 20 years older than her when in reality he's 11 years older than her. Alyssa Milano plays Emma Roberts' mother. Christensen is closer to Milano's age.

    2. Somehow the Distillery District is hosting the Little Italy CHIN festival EVERY DAY? This will only matter to Toronto folks, I guess.

    3. Nobody in Toronto talks like an extra from the Sopranos, but everyone…

  • Last Holiday

    Last Holiday


    Queen of a mid-00s "European look" clothing montage!
    Queen of critiquing classism & capitalism!
    Queen of charming the fuck out of an entire hotel!
    Queen of being in a movie that's not even about getting the guy, but she still gets the guy anyway!
    Queen of YOLO!
    Queen Latifah ruuuuules and this is one of her best. Also love Jane Adams, Giancarlo Esposito & Alicia Witt in their supporting roles!
    It's not the most Christmassy of Xmas movies, but it's super heartwarming and funny plus all the #spon for The Food Network & Travelocity makes for a fun relic of its time.

    Also, Last Holiday >>>>>>> The Holiday