Moxie ★★

This is a tough movie to tackle, not because it's profound whatsoever but because it's a movie that talks about feminism and I think there are better ways to express how feminism should be. I believe this film has good intentions, the book might be good, hell, it might be even great but here the subject is approached in a very superficial and cheesy way. Also, expressing an opinion about feminism is something really hard to do since I believe I'm not the right person to say how things should handle by women.

Amy Poehler directs well and the movie moves fast, but the thesis is so on the nose that gets tired quickly. The movie instead of focusing on real feminism becomes a battle between women and men and I don't think that should be, because on both sides there are things that are right and wrong, however, the film chooses to focus only on how men suck, and yes the guys on the school are scumbags but I believe that's not the way to portrait the other side of the fight. And yes, I know that I'm overthinking this cheesy film when there are a lot of great movies that speak well on how women rise and overcame patriarchy, but that's what this movie left me. Perhaps, I'm not the target audience so for that reason I didn't find great value in this movie at all.

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