Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 68 - movie 3 | task 16 - a film directed by one of Nine’s most watched | 

“You want to talk to God? Let's go see him together, I've got nothing better to do.”

I remember watching this film pretty much every Christmas with my Dad. It’s a perfect action adventure blockbuster. From the outset, a brilliant opening action scene that introduces our lead hero through well paced action, while also showing off the charms of the lead. From here it’s a a quick but well paced, adventure, with the plot really serving as a means to produce some brilliant action set pieces, most still impressive now. It feels brisk and quick, once the ball is rolling (pun intended), it never really stops for breath. 

Spielberg is the master of these big bombastic summer blockbusters. The action looks brilliant, with some really nice location filming, gorgeous landscapes and some fantastic shots. The car chase towards the end is one of the main highlights, an ambitious and entertaining set piece. Spielberg manages to craft plenty of humour into his characters too, making them entertaining to watch and people we actually root for. The score as well, just like Williams others, is perfectly fitting for the adventure, iconic throughout. 

Harrison Ford is perfect as Jones, I think I prefer Indy just over Han Solo, as the cool and suave hero. He’s the perfect blend of protagonist and adventurer that makes every scene he’s in perfect. His wise cracks are great and the scene where he pulls the gun on the sword wielding villain is perfectly pitched comedy. He captures the essence of the character so well, keeping him charming and fun, while still giving him a certain amount of depth. The rest of the cast are great too, Karen Allen works as the lead female character, she’s got get chemistry with Ford and stands alongside him really well in the action scenes. The villains while somewhat underdeveloped are still creepy and menacing throughout.

I’m glad that it still stands up for me, even after a few years of not seeing it. It’s a perfect summer blockbuster, with entertaining action and characters, never a single dull moment in its brisk feeling two hours. Still one of my all time favourites.

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