Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

"I'm only interested in the simple things....(cocks gun) like how much this is going to hurt!"

Let me just start this off by saying the one and only feeling I had when I walked out of this: I absolutely fucking love this film.

Really. There is absolutely no other substitute of words that I can think of. Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon hit the jackpot the moment they handpicked James Gunn. He pulled it the fuck off and made it all look easy. Sure, there are few plot fumbles and personal nitpicks here and there; the third act could be better, it would be cool to actually see the Novas in real action instead of just piloting and keeping control, some of the really talented ensemble (Glenn Close, John C.Reilly and Benicio Del Toro to name but a few) were a bit underused....and really, that's about it as far as 'criticism' goes.

The rest of it; the tonality, the rich and vibrant Marvel cosmic world of which I absolutely adore reading in the comics (now please do 'The Inhumans'), every pin-sharp character beats, the James Gunn dialogues, the absolutely refreshing and incredibly-easy chemistry between the Guardians, the voicework on Rocket (I take back whatever I might have said about Bradley Cooper before this), that grin on Chris Pratt's face when the name 'Star-Lord' was used properly (what a golden little moment), the fact that Ronan The Accuser isn't just another 'Malekith' (...sort of), "I-am-fucking-Groot!", the clever little design changes on some of the characters (Yondu and his arrow, for instance) and so, so much more...were all executed, crafted, created and adapted just the right amount of fun. It's immense, epic, and incredibly entertaining space adventure and that's really all you need to know walking in.

Marvel took the plunge with the Guardians and I think it paid off. Simple as that. They have laid down the cinematic gauntlet, set up all the establishing rules and what-nots, chances to explore other parts of the galaxy is now encouraged and a further venture of a 'Guardians-Avengers cross-over' was previously hinted, but now near inevitable (imagine Quill going up against Stark in a simple fuck-offs - now that's reason enough to make a movie). But most importantly - this film is the epitome of the word 'fun'. If you're a fan of Gunn before this, and everything that Marvel has build up to, you're going to enjoy the hell out of this.


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