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  • The Last Temptation of Christ

    The Last Temptation of Christ


    This is the origin of the mandalorian words "This is the way". Also probably the grounds on which Christ was chosen to be the Antichrist.

  • Room



    Shower thought: Room is the perfect allegory for the pandemic. If I had a Jack, I'd explain him that "Old Nick(ovid)" is preventing us to leave ROOM and make sure he at least is able to save himself. The book on which this film is based on has jumped into the ranks of my TBR list for sure.

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  • November



    The music score is beautiful and upsetting, with taints of dread and melancholy. November is impregnated with that transposition of sound throughout. The occult and the romantic bound together in a black and white bundle. I felt more sadness than horror and the kratt themselves are also witty and strange machinations that will remain within my thoughts forever. Loved the film, even if the version I watched was overdubbed by some Russian dude (man, why is that even a thing?!).

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    This is one of those films that you will not forget due to its weirdness (but in a good sense). The filming is quite good tbh, a lot of references to old cinema are used well and blend in with the contemporary. The only thing is the whole film has that feeling where you leave wondering about what you just saw and if any of that made sense (which is, well, not necessary but in this case, makes the plot seem... amiss).