Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap ★★★★★

As heartbreaking as it is life-affirming. Made me cry again. Just as struck with how affecting it is to see my own life reflected in these kids as I was the first time. Watched this with a new friend I've been skating with and we talked about how freeing it is to move through the world on wheels; it's not just a sport, it's a miracle. To glide over the ground like a bird– it's an affront to physics, a level of control over natural laws that can be mastered like nothing else. When you're a kid burdened with a lack of that control in every other part of your life, sometimes it's nice to know you can just take flight.

Here's the obligatory part where I mention the extreme thematic similarities of abuse and skating that exist between this movie and I, Tonya. Available on Blu-Ray and DVD now!

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