i once changed an old rating and now i cant stop
favorites arent my favourite but just a few movies i like :Dd

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    strange and complex
    what a roller coaster this movie was (a four hour one)
    complete absurdity 
    i loved it
    the dramatic acting was actually amazing
    this movie feels like a book that i would reread cause i dont want the universe to end

  • F9



    honestly if the whole movie was about them when they were younger it would’ve been better
    favourite character - han (cause he likes orange cars and i think thats adorable)
    favourite thing as a whole - the guy in the cinema that laughed loudly at every “touching/sad” scene, that kept me going
    the movie summed up in a sentence: 
    family, family FAMILY; ¿family? family…

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  • Her



    че влиза подкожно е правилния начин да се обясни този филм (оги от теб я крада думата)
    очаквах да рева на този филм, защото това чувах за него от приятели
    почти до последната сцена бях като камък и си викам “е явно нищо не мое да ме разчуства баси леда дето съм :Дд”
    оценявах филма, но не ме беше докоснал до тази степен тогава
    уви, погледнах към икар, който ронеше сълзи и това накара нещо да прещрака в мен

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    didnt feel as magical as the first one but still a great movie